Body waste management with keto

Unless we are fit in life, we can not be fit for life! In order to remain fit, we need to follow certain basic fundamentals of health like eating the right kind of food, sleeping well and exercising regularly.

However, if for any reason, someone is not able to devote enough time to exercise or any other physical activity, the food consumed by us will slowly convert into fats, making us fat. So, what could be the way out of it? Well, health experts have found an interesting and effective way to lose weight for people, who are not able to exercise on a regular basis. This formula is known as Keto diet!

As stated above, with reference from – the food consumed by us gets converted into energy and the part, that is not digested properly becomes fats and gets accumulated in our body, making us gain weight and hence we look fat. Now, if we want to revert back to our previous shape and size, we have to burn these extra fats. The best way for it is by involving in some kind of physical activity like going to a gym or playing a sport or doing yoga etc. Keto diet would be suitable for those, who like to get back to shape without exercising. The concept of the Keto diet is simple. One needs to increase the percentage of fats intake and simultaneously decrease the intake of carbohydrates. The percentage of fats can go up to 65-70 and carbs need to be bought down to 5 % and if possible even lower.

This process enables the body to gradually start utilizing fats for energy, for which it needs to burn fats. This process of Ketosis results in the reduction of fats and other fatty wastes from the body. thus reducing your weight and making you slim!

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