Invited Session: Resource Management

Oklahoma Hello: City’s Collection Changes in 2016

Monday, September 25, 2017
17:15 – 17:45
Convention Center

In the last two years, the City has evaluated a number of potential collection service changes and procured a new solid waste collection contract. It plans to implement bi-weekly, single stream recycling (now uses dual stream, 18-gallon bins once per week). The new collections contract includes an innovative approach to pricing the processing or recyclables separate from the collection. Presentation will discuss options considered and service level changes the City is making.

By attending this presentation participants will learn how the City proceeded with a $20M/year collections contract procurement, what options were considered, and methods for specifying and pricing existing and future services, including how to handle recycling processing in a wildly varying commodity market.


Robert Gardner, P.E., BCEE, Senior Vice President, SCS Engineers, Virginia

Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in civil engineering from the University of Virginia. He is a senior vice president of SCS Engineers and has been with the firm since 1980. He serves on the firm’s Board of Directors and oversees SCS’s nationwide solid waste management practice. His expertise is in solid waste management and environmental engineering. He provides consulting and engineering services to municipal and private clients throughout the United States and abroad. Mr. Gardner is a past director of SWANA’s Landfill Management Technical Division. He is a member of SWANA’s Applied Research Foundation and the Environmental Research and Education Foundation Research Council.

Jim Linn, Solid Waste Superintendent, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Jim Linn

Jim Linn is the solid waste superintendent for the City of Oklahoma City, which manages collection services for approximately 40 percent of the City through its own fleet of trucks and collection personnel.