Invited Session: Circular Economy

Navigating a Circular Economy Roadmap

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
15:30 – 16:00
Convention Center

The current linear economic model of “take, make, dispose” relies on large quantities of cheap, easily accessible materials and energy. Due to a growing world population with increasing consumption, this leads to scarcity of resources and contributes to climate change. Through this presentation, we will interactively discuss the Roadmap for a Circular Economy. The framework for this roadmap is built upon the long-term objective of achieving a circular economy in Rotterdam by 2030. This Roadmap has been developed by the city of Rotterdam in close cooperation with Rebel and its aligned experts together with public/private partners within the city. The roadmap distinguishes long term goals and short term opportunities within Rotterdam to create momentum for the creation of more sustainable circular businesses. Part of this innovative approach has involved finding and creating mutual energy with potential partners to accelerate this new economic pathway. In doing so, our initial task was to analyze residual material flows through the main economic clusters of the city. Within these clusters the combination of a willing stakeholder and materials flows on which circular principles could add value, became the basis for identifying potential opportunities for circularity.

By attending this presentation, participants will better be able to understand the principles of creating more circular cities using Rotterdam (NL) as an example. These three key principles will be discussed as the foundation for a roadmap that has been developed to inspire and accelerate the circular economy, transforming Rotterdam into a resource resilient city that will build, produce, and consume in a more circular manner. Participants will leave with the knowledge to allow them to begin building a similar roadmap utilizing these same circular economy principles in their own home cities, whether large and small.


Jeff George, Senior Associate, IMG Rebel, Washington, D.C.

Jeff George

Jeff George is a senior associate at IMG Rebel and is responsible for growing the company’s presence within the resource management and overall circular economy sector in the U.S. In alignment with his Rebel colleagues in The Netherlands, Mr. George and his team bring extensive experience not only from within the U.S. waste industry but also the Western European waste and recycling sector. Prior to this, Mr. George worked for nearly 20 years with Covanta Energy, the largest developer of energy-from-waste facilities in the U.S. For four of those years (2008-2012) Mr. George was based in Covanta’s European office located in the greater Birmingham (UK) area and served as a key member of the company’s business development and marketing/communications team. Throughout his career, Mr. George has worked on energy, waste, and water-related projects in the U.S, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Mr. George began his career in the public sector as a city planner, working for seven years with local government in the greater Boston area addressing the challenges of urban planning in a decaying industrial environment.